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Allied Security Operations Team (ASOG), veterans of top U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies, is the source of election fraud information used by Attorney Sidney Powell and the Trump Campaign in their lawsuits.

Russ Ramsland, one of the founders, reveals that virtually all state electronic systems now are contracted out to six private companies controlling at least 92% of U.S. elections with no supervision or transparency.  These companies are sometimes foreign owned with servers outside the U.S. ALL exposed to the internet.

In this presidential election system the voter data for 28 states gets transferred from computers across the U.S. and into servers in Germany, owned by a Spanish company called SCYTL, and then looped back.

Ramsland says, “The software is so bad and so porous that anyone wishing to hack this system and change votes can then also change the audit trails.”

 Votes can and are being switched and the audit trails changed or erased so that a forensic investigation finds no trace.

See this interview where Mr. Ramsland demonstrates computer vote-switching.


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