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Open Letter to President Donald Trump


September 24, 2018

Re: Terminate Betsy DeVos

Dear Mr. President,

American Citizens Matter, a national organization to stop the takeover of America education, has previously conveyed our concerns to you about the unconstitutional intrusion of the federal government in education.

We hoped that Secretary Betsy DeVos would carry out your campaign promises to eliminate Common Core, and its rebrands, and to begin dismantling the U.S. Department of Education. Instead, her actions have greatly expanded federal control with these as the most egregious.

Americans were promised that ESSA would return the control of education to the people. Yet Secretary DeVos has bullied states that tried to uphold state parental rights laws.

DeVos has staffed her department at the senior level with known Common Core and planned economy advocates.

Secretary DeVos has recommended the merger of the Departments of Education and Labor, which fundamentally changes the purpose of education from academic learning to “workforce development.” Nowhere in our Constitution is the federal government given the authority to plan the workforce or interfere in private industry. Combining the two departments makes it nearly impossible for the government to dismantle the agencies of the USDE and return education entirely to local control.

Recently Secretary DeVos signed the U.S. onto a G20 Declaration that is “in line with Agenda 2030.” The agreement mandates continuing the globalization of the education under the U.N.

education agenda and the redistribution of wealth to support their international education agenda. The agreement undermines the rights of parents to educate their own children.

If the U.S. implements the G20 education agreement, control of American education will be handed on a silver platter to foreign governments and tyrants and America will move closer to a one-world government with a planned economy. Secretary DeVos continues to move in a direction diametrically opposed to your campaign promises.

We ask that you immediately terminate Secretary DeVos without a replacement and begin the dismantling of the USDE and its agencies.



Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D.

President, American Citizens Matter

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