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August 8, 2018

Re: Proposed merger

Dear Mr. President:

Recently you proposed a merger of the Department of Education and the Department of Labor.

Rather than abolishing the USDE and returning education to local control, this further federalizes public education under the guise of workforce training and allows big business a voice in school curriculum.

It is important for students to be ready for the workplace, yet today’s jobs will likely not exist in 20 years. Students must have a broad academic background to be able to adapt to the changing work place.Your recent executive order created the National Council for the American Worker which tasks the federal government to work with private business and educational institutions to train workers. Since the passage of ESEA and creation of USDE, the government has assumed increasing control so now it controls education at all levels – a violation of the Constitution.

The same thing will happen to private businesses and workers once the federal government becomes involved.

The policy also calls for data mining and wide sharing of information. For certain, advocates for more federal control will use the information in ways that will violate the Constitutional rights of American citizens.

The expansion and interpretation of data collection will increase under these new initiatives. Our Fourth Amendment right to privacy has been shredded as large corporation collect and sell our private information. Information on minors is collected without parental approval.

We can be certain that big government advocates will take these new initiatives in their own direction, far from your own intention.

The workforce development at the federal level moves our nation in the direction of a federally planned and controlled economy, akin to that of socialist nations.

We ask that you reconsider your proposed merger and executive order to create a National Council.


Most respectfully,

Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D.

President, American Citizens Matter


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